Code of Conduct

All directors, officers, and employees of B-EN-G Group are required to abide by the following code of conduct in all business activities. They are expected to enhance corporate value by implementing our corporate philosophy and code of conduct and to contribute to the development of society.

1. Building customer confidence

We recognize that "contributing to our customers' success" is the cornerstone of our corporate activities. With professional pride, we commit ourselves to customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products and services.

2. Contributing to society

We make social contributions by creating new value and, as active members of society, by promoting environmental conservation and sustainability.

3. Complying with the law and ethical business practices

We comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, regulations, and contracts and we conduct fair and transparent business activities with the highest ethical standards. We do not engage in any relationship with antisocial forces.

4. Respecting human rights and diversity

We respect fundamental human rights and diversity. We prohibit unjust treatment and discrimination and strive to build a safe and comfortable work environment.

5. Respecting intellectual property and ensuring information security

We respect intellectual property rights. We are committed to appropriately securing and managing the information we handle and preventing its unauthorized use.