History of supporting manufacturing(1999 spin-off-)


In 1999, Toyo Engineering's IT Business Division was spun off into a new company, Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G).

Then in 2001, our second year after launch, we were listed on the JASDAQ, and in our third year we joined the group of companies worth ¥10 billion. In 2003, we established our subsidiary Toyo Business System Service Corporation (B-SERV), which mainly provides operation and maintenance services.

Toward the global supply chain era

In 1994, support for the ERP global development of major manufacturing companies was the start of B-EN-G's global development service. While supporting the ERP global development of various other customers since then too, we have actively tried to achieve supply chain management based on already installed ERP.

The global supply chain era has indeed arrived.

This requires that we not only optimize each of our bases in countries around the world but also have them link their information and then visualize it, including that of their intermediary logistics operators.

To support our global supply chains, we are developing services aimed at an era of cooperation through collaborative solutions, whether in-house systems such as ERP or external systems such as those of logistics operators.