1987  Toyo Engineering Corporation creates its Industrial System Business Division
1991  Toyo Engineering launches its ERP business, becoming the first SAP partner in Japan
1993  Toyo Engineering supports the implementation of Japan's first SAP project
1995  Toyo Engineering begins implementing ERP at the overseas sites of Japanese companies
1996  Toyo Engineering releases its MCFrame package
1999  Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G) is established
2001  B-EN-G is listed on the over-the-counter market
2003  Toyo Business System Service Corporation is established
2004  B-EN-G opens an office in Shanghai, China (currently operating as a local subsidiary)
2007  B-EN-G integrates its A.S.I.A. overseas accounting package business
2009  B-EN-G releases MCFrame XA series
 Started sales operation in Thailand
2014  B-EN-G is listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2015  Started sales operation in Singapore and Indonesia
2017  Releases mcframe7 series
 Started sales operation in the USA.