Message from the President

Many Japanese companies are taking their first steps into the global market, eager for opportunities to innovate and grow.
Since becoming the first Japanese company to complete a successful ERP implementation support project, Business Engineering (B-EN-G) has taken the lead in helping them to make this major move, by implementing ERP systems using SAP, Oracle, and mcframe and offering a wide array of other products. Our commitment to applying state-of-the-art technologies and ensuring the success of every project has consistently delivered the results that customers are looking for.
However, B-EN-G is more than just an IT solutions provider. Over the quarter-century before making the transition from Toyo Engineering to B-EN-G, we have dedicated ourselves to providing business innovation solutions to Japanese manufacturers. To do this, we have needed to develop extensive knowledge and technological strengths across the manufacturing industry, and have learned firsthand how to solve issues at manufacturing sites. With this strong base, we know that B-EN-G has what it takes to support "manufacturing Japan" better than any competitor.
What really sets us apart is our ability to offer powerful solutions to the manufacturing industry, bolstering global expansion and tailoring development to customers' specific needs. Our specialist skills and know-how allow us to provide high-value-added services that typical IT solutions companies simply cannot.
Manufacturers throughout Japan are now dealing with the enormous challenges involved in developing and expanding their market globally. As more and more developing countries enter the global market, pushing international competition ever higher, we are here to support customers in their global business.
Working closely with you, we can help you achieve the innovation you need to succeed.
We look forward to serving you.

Masakazu Haneda
President & CEO