Disclosure Policy

In the context of investor relations and customer support, B-EN-G (hereafter "we" or "us") upholds the following policies when disclosing or providing information online or in print, collecting information, or responding to customer inquiries.

1.Information Disclosure

All information is disclosed in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law and other applicable laws and ordinances (hereafter, "laws and ordinances"), as well as rules for securities issuers regarding timely disclosure of corporate information (Rules of Fair Practice No. 1, Section 3; hereafter, "disclosure rules"). To the extent possible, we strive to disclose information promptly in areas related to key facts, as established by these laws, ordinances, and disclosure rules. We also strive to pursue the same disclosure policy for matters that do not represent key facts as established by these laws, ordinances, and disclosure rules, but which we deem to be important or useful in explaining our business activities and strategies to investors.

In accordance with disclosure rules, we strive to disclose information fairly and promptly to our shareholders, investors, and all stakeholders through TDnet (the Timely Disclosure Network system) and press releases issued through the kisha kurabu (correspondents' clubs). Specifics of announcements are posted on our website. We also hold quarterly analyst briefings. Announcement details from these briefings are also published online.

Information made public through printed or online materials, telephone consultations, or research activities is limited to matters already published or widely known facts or information generally known in industry circles. We do not disclose critical information that has not yet been published.

2.Earnings Forecasts

With the exception of historical facts, descriptions provided on this website of business plans, policies, or other presentations are based on earnings forecasts that constitute projections. These are calculated estimates and interpretations based on the state of understanding at the time they are released. For these reasons, forecasts incorporate risks and uncertainties, and actual performance may differ from those forecast.

The IT service industry is particularly volatile, making rational earnings forecasts difficult. For this reason, we refrain from posting mid- or long-term earnings forecasts.

Our timely disclosure of information on detailed quarterly performance and related matters attests to our commitment to keeping our investors informed and up to date.