Milbon Introduces MCFrame Sales Management Within Two Months of Start-up in Thailand


Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Ishida, President; hereinafter "B-EN-G") announces that Milbon has installed MCFrame CS sales management in the space of two months, with the commencement of their business in Thailand of Milbon Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Miyakojima-ku, Osaka; Ryuji Sato, President & CEO; hereinafter "Milbon"). Also Milbon plans to gradually deploy MCFrame CS production management and cost management, and A.S.I.A. GP as the accounting system by the end of the year.

Milbon aims to globalize its business based on its aspiration to "create fields in which designers can work on a global stage." Having established local subsidiaries in North America, China, and South Korea since 2004 and expanding its business with a view to becoming "Japan's first professional global manufacturer", from December 2013 it will produce hair color and hair care products in Rayong, Thailand. In February 2013, Milbon put in place a sales structure by deploying a sales management system prior to completion of the factory building in September.

Milbon has adopted the use of MCFrame CS as a sales management, production management, and cost management system, and A.S.I.A. GP as an accounting system. B-EN-G's Thai subsidiary, Toyo Business Engineering Thailand Co., Ltd., is supporting this project.

The reasons for selecting these systems are as follows:

  1. Highly specialized, prompt, and flexible support in Thailand using Japanese, English, and Thai can be provided.
  2. They are applications that accord with Milbon's policy of introducing systems that "have a standardized procedure and can be introduced in a short time and at low cost
  3. MCFrame is an application that accords with the view that raw materials procurement and production management will be key
    The application that has an MRP function is necessary to handle 150-300 commercial goods, a minimum of 150 manufactured items, and a minimum of 300 BOM deploying manufactured items.
  4. MCFrame has cost accounting function (standard cost / actual cost)
  5. A.S.I.A conforms with accounting standards and laws and regulations in Thailand
  6. They are multilingual applications that support English, Japanese, and Thai, making it possible to instruct local staff and generate ledgers in Thai, which are required locally and be supported from Japan.

Since no system coordinator is assigned locally, the entire system is cloud based, enabling integrated management from Japan.

■■About Milbon Co., Ltd.
Milbon started in business as a manufacturer specializing in hair cosmetics for professional use.
It has since continued to grow, with "customers first" as its motto. In 1967, the company invented rods for perming hair (Mink Rod) and commenced package sales of the rods and perming chemicals.  Sales in this combination gained the company wider renown as a manufacturer of cold perming chemicals. In 1985, Milbon entered partnership with a French company, Eugene, in manufacturing hair colors. Milbon was first in the hair care industry to commence trading shares on the Japan's over-the-counter stock market, in June 1996: in 35 years since its founding, Milbon succeeded in gaining top position in Japan as a general maker of hair cosmetics for Professional use.
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■■About MCFrame
"MCFrame" is a multi-functional system used for production management, sales management, and cost management, and that is capable of responding to detailed management requirements of Japanese manufacturers.
In addition to its large number of standard functions, "MCFrame" features a framework structure that allows the system to follow in a flexible and efficient manner the user's specific work processes in a way that may boost users' core competences. As the high level of functionality, flexibility, and expandability that characterizes "MCFrame" are highly regarded, the system has been deployed to more than 360 companies primarily in the manufacturing sector. Owing to its multi-lingual functionality, "MCFrame" has been employed in recent years to deploy global systems of Japanese-affiliated companies operating in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries.
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■■About A.S.I.A.
"A.S.I.A." is a global ERP package that was created in Japan. The package, based on business practices of Japanese enterprises, supports business management on a global scale. In order to serve the global market, "A.S.I.A." is provided with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-base functions, as well as various functional modules covering accounting, sales, purchasing, and stock management. As the package can handle performance management of individual companies or business units, "A.S.I.A." helps users grasp the status of overseas bases from headquarters in Japan. This means it can be operated as a powerful infrastructure for global group management. Since 1996 when Ver.1.0 of the package was released, "A.S.I.A." has been introduced into various clients in Japan and other Asian countries. It is now used by 273 corporations and around 3,000 users in 20 countries and regions.
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■■About Toyo Business Engineering Corporation
Toyo Business Engineering (B-EN-G) is a business engineering company with wide ranging experience primarily in ERP. The company also has experience in areas ranging from IT planning, business consulting for BPR execution, consulting for IT implementation, to system deployment service and operation service. Furthermore, B-EN-G has been developing its track record in collaboration with clients to implement ERP-based SCM and CRM, and also to promote global expansion in China and other countries.
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