IIJ Group and B-EN-G Expand Partnership to Provide Global Cloud Services -New service menu and pricing structure for B-EN-G's ERP solution, A.S.I.A. running on IIJ GIO as they gear up for expansion into overseas markets-


TOKYO--December 5, 2013--Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, TSE1: 3774), its 100% owned subsidiary IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ Global), and Toyo Business Engineering Inc. (B-EN-G, TSE2: 4828), today announced the release of A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO, which combines B-EN-G's enterprise-grade ERP package, A.S.I.A. , and IIJ's cloud service, IIJ GIO Service, as part of their partnership in the global cloud computing.

As more Japanese companies head overseas, there is a growing need for business application among these overseas subsidiaries. More specifically, the head office in Japan want centralized control of management information, the same level of IT governance at overseas sites, and improved operations and efficiency at overseas subsidiaries. At the same time, businesses are concerned about remaining flexible when dealing with establishing a new business, expanding an existing business, and buying a company, or when downsizing or exiting a market. Other big issues include the management of IT resources overseas and having sufficient resources. One of the solutions for dealing with this situation quickly and efficiently is the use of the increasingly popular SaaS (Software as a Service) in the cloud as a core system.

In response to this situation, IIJ Group and B-EN-G have begun to work more closely together to deliver jointly developed enterprise-class solutions to overseas subsidiaries. The most recent effort is A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO, which is based on the G-BASS ERP Lite service that IIJ Global has been delivering as a cloud-version of A.S.I.A.

A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO has a high-end menu, with high security levels, and an economical plan, that is billed based on the number of IDs. IIJ also has plans to build service facilities for IIJ GIO in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other locations, to be able to provide stable, secure core business systems to overseas subsidiaries around the world.

A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO features

  1. Service Description
    A monthly subscription service that provides a comprehensive range of business functions-such as accounting, sales, procurement, and inventory management-for overseas subsidiaries, using the A.S.I.A. ERP Package (which accommodates multiple languages, multiple currencies, and multiple accounting standards) built on the high-quality cloud service IIJ GIO.
  2. Fee schedule
    Number of IDs Initial Fee Monthly fee (per ID)
    ERP version 1 to 5 Requires separate estimate JPY 36,000 /ID
    6 to 10 JPY 31,000 /ID
    11 or more JPY 26,000 /ID
    Accounting version 1 to 5 Requires separate estimate JPY 30,000 /ID
    6 to 10 JPY 25,000 /ID
    11 or more JPY 20,000 /ID

    * Prices shown do not include tax.

  3. Sales System
    - IIJ Group and partner companies will sell in Japan and through overseas sites.
    - B-EN-G and partner companies will sell overseas through subsidiaries.
    - IIJ, IIJ Global, and B-EN-G will jointly conduct sales and marketing.

Sales targets for all services by all three partners are 20 clients in the first year and 100 in the third year.
We will continue to collaborate to bring a safe and secure IT environment to our clients and promote the sale of this service.

■■About IIJ GIO
IIJ GIO Service is a high-quality cloud service that covers every service layer, from HaaS/IaaS to SaaS, using the operational expertise garnered from IIJ's Integration and Business Platform Service (IBPS), a resource-on-demand service rolled out by the IIJ Group in 2000. It provides the IT resources used to create systems and offers these as components that can be arranged in over 1,000 configurations to create the most ideal system for a specific client and at a reasonable price. The highly secure and flexible network structure can be used to provide a wide range of system infrastructure, from on-premise private cloud environments to public cloud environments.

■■About A.S.I.A.
"A.S.I.A." is a global ERP package that was created in Japan. The package, based on business practices of Japanese enterprises, supports business management on a global scale. In order to serve the global market, "A.S.I.A." is provided with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-base functions, as well as various functional modules covering accounting, sales, purchasing, and stock management. As the package can handle performance management of individual companies or business units, "A.S.I.A." helps users grasp the status of overseas bases from headquarters in Japan. This means it can be operated as a powerful infrastructure for global group management. Since 1996 when Ver.1.0 of the package was released, "A.S.I.A." has been introduced into various clients in Japan and other Asian countries. It is now used by 300 companies in 20 countries and regions.
For more information about this product, visit http://www.to-be.asia/.

■■About IIJ
Founded in 1992, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, NASDAQ: IIJI, Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE1: 3774) is one of Japan's leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers. IIJ and its group companies provide total network solutions that mainly cater to high-end corporate customers. IIJ's services include high-quality systems integration, cloud computing/data center services, security services, and Internet access. Moreover, IIJ has built one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan that is connected to the United States and the United Kingdom. IIJ was listed on NASDAQ in 1999 and on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006.
For more information about IIJ, visit the IIJ Web site at http://www.iij.ad.jp/en/.

■■About IIJ Global
IIJ Global Solutions Inc. (IIJ Global) was established in September 2010 as an IIJ Group company by acquisition of AT&T Japan's local Network Outsourcing service business. IIJ Global provides WAN Connectivity Services and Total Network Outsourcing Services from designing to building and managing corporate networks for enterprises. Not only limited to domestic but also offers Global network services.
For more information about IIJ Global, visit the IIJ Global Website at http://www.iijglobal.co.jp/en/.

■■About B-EN-G
Toyo Business Engineering (B-EN-G, TSE2, 4828) is a business engineering company with wide ranging experience primarily in ERP. The company also has experience in areas ranging from IT planning, business consulting for BPR execution, consulting for IT implementation, to system deployment service and operation service. Furthermore, B-EN-G has been developing its track record in collaboration with clients to implement business applications such as ERP, SCM and CRM, and also to promote global expansion in China and other countries.
For more information on Toyo Business Engineering, visit http://www.to-be.co.jp./english/index.html.

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