MCFrame Implemented in Hayashi Felt's Thai Factory
Optimizing on-site manufacturing by tailoring operating process to package


"This was the translated version of press release issued in Japanese on April 9, 2014. The Japanese version is here.

Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and headed by President and CEO Masanori Osawa) has announced the implementation of MCFrame CS Start-Up Edition, a simplified version of MCFrame, and the activation of production and sales management and cost management at the Thailand-based factory operations of Hayashi Felt Co., Ltd. (Hayashi Felt, headquartered in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and headed by Chairman and CEO Hiromasa Moriya). Installation support was provided by B-EN-G's local affiliated company, Toyo Business Engineering Thailand Co., Ltd. (B-EN-G Thailand).

Installation of production and sales management and cost management (MCFrame CS Start-Up Edition) in two months

Hayashi Felt, based in Asakusa, Tokyo, is a manufacturer of soundproof material, label material, packing material, and light-blocking material for seal material use in office equipment, audiovisual equipment, mobile phones, and other products. It has established a reputation for technology that enables quick turnaround delivery of high quality, low-volume various-quality precision equipment. In 2002 it began overseas production in factories in three Chinese cities, starting with Dalian and followed by Suzhou and Zhongshan. More recently, in March 2013, it opened a factory in the Thai province of Pranchin Buri in consideration of its main customers' penetration of Thailand and the diversification of risk. Having selected MCFrame CS Start-Up Edition as its production and sales management and cost management system, Hayashi Felt launched the installation project in January 2014. Operation began at the end of March 2014, and from July they switched from parallel operation with Excel to full-scale system operation.

The deciding factors were management of work-in-process goods/design changes, compatibility of operating process and package, and Thai language support

Reasons for selecting MCFrame
1) Enables management of work-in-process products
2) Deals flexibly with design changes to product range
3) In-factory process can be tailored to the package's standard process
4) Full-scale local support system (in Thai, English and Japanese)

Project positions Thai staff at the core, from requirement definition onward

The Thai factory's Japanese management carried out research and selection based on products aligned with local support prior to handing off system installation, including requirement definitions, to local Thai staff. This is just one of the ways in which Hayashi Felt works to optimize the establishment of its production and systems in Thailand. Currently, a manager is assigned to each function, whereas previously Excel-based manual tasks were transferred to system-based management, and operations management is conducted according to the development of each staff member. Thai consultants at B-EN-G Thailand also provide support to meet customer needs in response to various inquiries, such as implementing training.

What is MCFrame Start-Up Edition?

This is a compact version of MCFrame for promoting the short-term installation of ERP at overseas plants, with its functions narrowed down to the "production and sales management" and "cost management" required for overseas plants, and which includes a set of documents and tools for implementation. It can be used for a reasonably long period of time because, even after a short-term installation with reduced functionality, a non-data transfer upgrade to the advanced version, MCFrame CS, is possible, depending on the maturity of plant operations and business expansion. Challenges typical to being overseas, such as language barriers and personnel changes, are alleviated by features such as intuitive menus and layouts, and easily understood master settings. The costs of preparing manuals and providing training can also be reduced more than ever before.

About MCFrame
"MCFrame" is a multi-functional system used for production management, sales management, and cost management, and that is capable of responding to detailed management requirements of Japanese manufacturers.
In addition to its large number of standard functions, "MCFrame" features a framework structure that allows the system to follow in a flexible and efficient manner the user's specific work processes in a way that may boost users' core competences. As the high level of functionality, flexibility, and expandability that characterizes "MCFrame" are highly regarded, the system has been deployed to more than 390 companies primarily in the manufacturing sector. Owing to its multi-lingual functionality, "MCFrame" has been employed in recent years to deploy global systems of Japanese-affiliated companies operating in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries.
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About Hayashi Felt Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1948, Hayashi Felt provides technologies that support high quality, quick turnaround, and high cost performance to meet low-volume, various-quality needs. The company is known as a material coordinator because of its advanced technical and development capabilities, which enables fabrication of a wide-variety of materials. Hayashi Felt products have played a role in various technical innovations, and are utilized in key system components of general appliances, as well as office equipment, audiovisual equipment, mobile phones, and more. Hayashi Felt aims to contribute to the ongoing development of industry by offering a broad range of material variations of films, urethanes, and felts, and swiftly responding to clients' needs for greater diversification and sophistication.
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