Kitagawa Industries Introduces A.S.I.A. Global ERP System at Its Seven Overseas Offices for Establishing Global Business Infrastructure


"This was the translated version of press release issued in Japanese on April 9, 2014. The Japanese version is here."

Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Toshinori Ishida, President; hereinafter "B-EN-G") announces that Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Inazawa, Aichi Prefecture; Kiyoto Kitagawa, President; hereinafter Kitagawa Industries), which supplies high-precision electronic components to equipment manufacturers worldwide, has adopted A.S.I.A., a global ERP system from B-EN-G, and now steadily operates the system at its seven overseas sales offices. B-EN-G is responsible for the entire project for introducing this global system, from designing and development to maintenance, including planning, proposal, and consulting.

Kitagawa Industries began promoting its overseas expansion when globalization of Japanese manufacturers was progressing and their production base started being shifted from domestic to overseas.
In order to make business judgments, information communicated with quality and speed was essential to accelerate the group's growth. Information on activities at the company's overseas sales offices was collected via different systems left to the individual sales offices, and this system had outgrown its limits. Kitagawa Industries deemed that for solving the issue it was essential to build information infrastructure that works globally. Consequently, in March 2009 the company launched a project for introducing ERP aimed at quickly responding to changes in the market.

Kitagawa Industries selected A.S.I.A. for their base system since it offers:

  1. A package made in Japan that has an extensive track record of being adopted in Asia (overseas)
  2. A flexible overseas support system
  3. Readiness to be linked with local packages

Kitagawa Industries has set goals including raising the speed and precision of the consolidated financial settlement of the Kitagawa Industries Group and establishment of infrastructure for its global business. In relation to these goals, the company is near achieving the following:

  1. Being able to completely know results of all of its overseas sales offices
  2. Improving operating efficiency at all its overseas sales offices by promoting standardization of operations

Kitagawa Industries has now centralized the management of information about its overseas sales offices and established infrastructure for analyzing business information based on the abovementioned information. By making further use of information collected via A.S.I.A., the company will establish its global business infrastructure with an aim to improving its operating efficiency and increasing the speed and precision of its consolidated financial settlement.

■■About A.S.I.A
"A.S.I.A." is a global ERP package that was created in Japan. The package, based on business practices of Japanese enterprises, supports business management on a global scale. In order to serve the global market, "A.S.I.A." is provided with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-base functions, as well as various functional modules covering accounting, sales, purchasing, and stock management. As the package can handle performance management of individual companies or business units, "A.S.I.A." helps users grasp the status of overseas bases from headquarters in Japan. This means it can be operated as a powerful infrastructure for global group management. Since 1996 when Ver.1.0 of the package was released, "A.S.I.A." has been introduced into various clients in Japan and other Asian countries. It is now used by 300 companies in 22 countries and regions.
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About Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd.
Kitagawa Industries was established in June 1963 as Kitagawa Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. to produce and sell rubber and plastic products for industrial use. It later changed its company name to Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd. and has since been producing and selling EMC components and precision engineering components used in computers, office automation equipment, audio-visual equipment, consumer electronics, automobiles, aircraft, buildings, and others. Kitagawa Industries currently operates businesses both in Japan (Inazawa, Kasugai, Tokyo, Yokohama, Utsunomiya, and Osaka) and overseas (Germany, Taiwan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Thailand, Wuxi, and Shenzhen [2]). The company positions its management principle, "Symbiosis & Collaboration" Quality, as the basic focus of its activities and continues growing to be the only company that tackles a range of problems customers face together with them. It continually creates truly valuable, highly unique products and services by continuing to refine its proprietary technologies, thereby working with customers to solve their challenges.

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