GPC and B-EN-G to Co-Develop International Accounting and Tax Support Service Using A.S.I.A.- Utilizing knowledge of international accounting and tax to improve services for ASEAN customers


A.S.I.A. is now called "mcframe GA" Please read the news release.

Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Masanori Osawa) and Global Partners Consulting (GPC, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Managing Director Yasuo Sekiguchi) has entered into a partner agreement on A.S.I.A., a global ERP supplied by B-EN-G for overseas bases, and announced their joint development of value-added services utilizing A.S.I.A. and joint sales promotion of A.S.I.A. in the ASEAN region.

GPC is a professional firm with many certified public accountants and tax accountants which provides assistance with international accounting and international taxes as well as support for M&A, organization restructuring, stock exchange listing, and so on. Particularly at its Singapore office, it is active in helping Japanese companies to expand into Singapore and the rest of the ASEAN region.

The aims of this collaboration are as follows.

- Development of services combining the two companies' expertise in the areas of international accounting and international tax
B-EN-G integrates the overseas accounting functions of A.S.I.A., which has already performed well, with the knowledge of GPC, which has provided support on a practical level for overseas business expansion in the ASEAN region, in order to enhance the application of A.S.I.A. and develop customer-oriented services in local offices.

- Commercialization of A.S.I.A. based accounting and tax outsourcing service
GPC and B-EN-G jointly develops an accounting and tax outsourcing service using A.S.I.A. as a base system and, as a first step, start to offer services from Thailand.

- Joint sales promotion of A.S.I.A. in Singapore
GPC develops sales of A.S.I.A. in Singapore, where it has its own office, utilizing its record of providing public listing support and accounting support in the restructuring of global organizations.

B-EN-G and GPC aim to provide services to ten corporations in the next year.

A.S.I.A. is the first Japanese global ERP package to support global business management while being based on the business customs of Japanese companies. It has diverse function modules for handling a wide range of operations from accounting and sales to purchasing and inventory, including the multilingual, multicurrency and multiple base capabilities required for working in different parts of the world. It can also be used as a powerful infrastructure tool in global group management, enabling performance management by company or by business unit and giving a real-time picture of the situation in a Japanese head office and overseas offices. A.S.I.A. is in use at more than 340 companies in 22 countries and regions worldwide. More than 90 customers have adopted the latest version, A.S.I.A. GP, during the two years since its release in 2012.

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Global Partners Consulting
Global Partners Consulting is a professional firm run mainly by certified public accountants and tax accountants. It provides advice on accounting and taxation as well as support for M&A, organization restructuring, and stock exchange listing, and is particularly active in dealing with the recent changes surrounding companies, such as advising on international taxation in cross border trading, supporting the introduction of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), and supporting the streamlined operation of internal control.

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