Providing ERP Shared Service for Global Companies
Global business management of sales, inventory and accounting of head office and local subsidiaries with A.S.I.A.


A.S.I.A. is now called "mcframe GA" Please read the news release.

Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Masanori Osawa) and Nippon Computer Dynamics Co., Ltd. (NCD, headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Osamu Shimojo) have announced that NCD offers an ERP Shared Service for Global Companies on A.S.I.A., a global ERP supplied by B-EN-G.

Japanese companies are currently expanding overseas, a trend that is expected to accelerate in future. In such circumstances, they need to take a global business view that will reduce costs, improve management quality, and strengthen governance by consolidating their operations spread throughout their group of local subsidiaries and affiliates into one head office department.

NCD has distributed its China ERP software UFIDA for China, and has now signed a sales partner agreement for A.S.I.A. sales aimed at meeting needs in ASEAN and other non-Chinese Asian countries as well as Europe and the US. In doing so, NCD is enhancing its services to meet the systemization needs of its clients, who are Japanese parent companies or their overseas subsidiaries, and strengthening its ability to make flexible and practical proposal. This also leads to the centralized control of data created by group companies and overseas subsidiaries and the global business management of business groups.

■ERP Shared Service for Global Companies to be offered by NCD
This is an ERP system used jointly by multiple companies within a group, enabling consolidation within the controlling company (or selected bases) and the shared use of modules for sales, purchasing, receivables, liabilities, accounting management, and the like without owning servers or applications in individual companies. Even if one application is jointly used, account books can be created for each individual company. Regarding the platform, either an on-premise or cloud environment can be selected taking into consideration regional characteristics and the internet conditions of the country concerned.

This service aims to treat regional groups of overseas bases as single management units and to be shared among group companies (such as in the ASEAN region and China region). Other features differentiating this service from ordinary SaaS are that it envisages how a group may contain companies with diverse businesses such as factories or distributors for different products, and enables a certain amount of functional addition or customization.

Merits of an ERP shared service
1) Reducing fixed asset and maintenance costs by the centralized control of assets in one location
2) Improving and regularizing business management quality
3) Reinforcing and enhancing the global management base
4) Analysis of multiple bases by Analytics Service*
*Enables the like-for-like information analysis of multiple bases to be analyzed on an equal basis.

As well as ERP Shared Service for Global Companies, NCD provides A.S.I.A. implementation proposals for overseas subsidiaries and, in China, collaborative proposal of UFIDA and A.S.I.A.

A.S.I.A. is the first Japanese global ERP package to support global business management while being based on the business customs of Japanese companies. It has diverse function modules for handling a wide range of operations from accounting and sales to purchasing and inventory, including the multilingual, multicurrency and multiple base capabilities required for working in different parts of the world. It can also be used as a powerful infrastructure tool in global group management, enabling performance management by company or by business unit and giving a real-time picture of the situation in a Japanese head office and overseas offices. A.S.I.A. is in use at more than 370 companies in 22 countries and regions worldwide. More than 100 customers have adopted the latest version, A.S.I.A. GP, during the two years since its release in 2012.
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Nippon Computer Dynamics
Founded in 1967 as a system integrator that implements system development and consulting for companies. It offers consultation to companies in Japan and Japanese overseas subsidiaries in China and elsewhere on operational status surveys, reporting to a Japanese head office, system installation proposals, and so on. In collaboration with the group's company in Tianjin, China (NCD China Co., Ltd.), it also delivers one-stop system installation and maintenance.
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