Revamp of B-EN-G's Global ERP Package, A.S.I.A., and Launch of Provision of mcframe GA as a Next-Generation Accounting Platform System for Overseas Branches
- To flexibly respond to customer needs and utility forms -


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Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Masanori Osawa) would like to announce the total revamp of the product architecture, licensing system and user interface of its global ERP package, A.S.I.A., and the launch of its provision from today as mcframe GA, which integrates B-EN-G's own brand, mcframe, for a next-generation accounting platform system for overseas companies.

mcframe GA is an accounting platform system capable of uniformly integrating all accounting data, even when such data is held in diverse formats used for operations processing for accounting and sales, etc. at overseas branches within a corporate group. mcframe GA is used mainly for the following three utility forms, or a combination of them.

1) Use of mcframe GA for local accounting and sales systems at overseas branches to conduct settlement internally.
2) Use of GLASIAOUS accounting outsourcing service to outsource accounting processing to an accounting firm.
3) Use of Global Link data linkage system to link and aggregate accounting data in existing systems.

■ Functional Line-up to Match to the Diverse Utility Forms and Needs at Companies with Overseas Branches
We have a line-up of four products to enable customers to select the combination of functions they need for use at their overseas branches at the optimal price and totally revamped our licensing system. In particular, the newly-added Basic Accounting Edition and Global Link are line-up items which focus on accounting and data link functions, respectively, and are convenient for customers to use to realize a utility form that matches their needs.

① Basic Accounting Edition In a case of using only Accounting (requiring only General Ledgers).
Can be used for accounting at overseas companies with only low investment required.
② Advanced Accounting Edition Basic Accounting Edition with additional receivables and debt management functions.
Can be used for general accounting at overseas companies.
③ ERP Edition Advanced Accounting Edition with additional sales, purchasing and inventory management.
Can be used for uniform control from sales to inventory at overseas companies.
④ Global Link Effective usage of the existing systems used at head office and overseas companies.
Can be used for integration and linkage of all-company accounting data.

mcframe GA is compatible for cloud platform-based operation such as with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, and with SaaS services and A.S.I.A. GP SaaS on IIJ GIO, provided by IIJ Global Solutions Inc., enabling cloud-based integration of data from various countries and regions.

■ Cloud-based International Accounting Outsourcing Service, GLASIAOUS
GLASIAOUS is a cloud-based international accounting outsourcing service for use as a solution at overseas branches with no full-time accountant. Global business management specialists provide outsourcing services using the cloud platform to support global communications. We support improvements in operation efficiency at overseas branches and head office and your fast and accurate decision-making.

■ Simple and Intuitive User Interface for an Improved User Experience
We have significantly revamped the input and confirmation screens by prioritizing ease of use and ease of understanding by local branch staff conducting accounting operations. As well as reducing operation errors, this also has the effect of shortening training time required.

■ Cases of Use of mcframe GA

This product is available from B-EN-G overseas branches in China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia and the sales partners .

■About mcframe GA
mcframe GA is a Japanese global ERP package to support global business management while being based on the business customs of Japanese companies. It has diverse function modules for handling a wide range of operations from accounting and sales to purchasing and inventory, including the multilingual, multicurrency and multiple base capabilities required for working in different parts of the world. It can also be used as a powerful infrastructure tool in global group management, enabling performance management by company or by business unit and giving a real-time picture of the situation in a Japanese head office and overseas offices. mcframe GA is in use at more than 550 companies in 23 countries and regions worldwide.
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