mcframe GA is a global ERP package designed to give Japanese companies strategic tools to expand their businesses globally.

Multilingual, Multicurrency, and Multi-standard

The system is compatible with multiple languages including English and Chinese and can be used with any of the supported languages by switching from one language to another. It can also manage an unlimited number of currencies and maintain the same journalized data under as many as 20 different accounting standards including international accounting standards and local tax laws.

Support your company's global expansion

We have many experienced support facilities in Asia, including our group bases B-EN-G(Shanghai), B-EN-G(Thailand)and B-EN-G(Singapore). We also have experience of supporting customers in Europe and North America, and mcframe GA can support your company's global expansion.

Accelerating time to market

Not only in accounting, mcframe GA also covering core operations such as Sales - Inventory - and Purchasing Function, and all features carefully selected for offices abroad with compact design which will decrease cost and time for installation.
The package is also designed so that it can be implemented with little customization. Since the implementation process basically does not require detailed individual customization, it involves significantly less cost and time, compared to other standard ERP packages.

Functional Modules of A.S.I.A. GP

For companies with no local system administrator

mcframe GA is also available as SaaS (Software as a Service) to minimize maintenance activity for companies that cannot place a specialized administrator at their overseas bases. If client systems and a communication network are set up, they can seamlessly access the same functions available in Japan.

Over 20 years of development

mcframe GA Version.1.0 first began being used by Japanese companies in 1996. It has since been delivered to more than 700 companies to date in over 28 countries and regions worldwide.