GLASIAOUS is the global accounting service meant for businesses expanding overseas.


Service beyond IT

B-EN-G, with professional accountants/consultants, respond to the needs of global companies with overseas subsidiaries in different situations. GLASIAOUS service includes book-keeping outsourcing, co-sourcing, ERP subscription, etc.

Functional Overview of mcframe

Functional Overview of mcframe

Functional Overview of mcframe

'Glocal' Alliance : GLASIAOUS Consortium

Our global alliance (GLASIAOUS Consortium) provides complementary outsourcing and consulting services in 100+ countries. With knowledge and experience in global AND local business, the members make the best partner for your head office and overseas subsidiaries at the same time.

Multilingual SaaS : GLASIAOUS

Start subscribing us today - unlike package software, you no longer need to own it. Regardless of the local business process at overseas subsidiaries, you overlook how they are doing anytime and anywhere. Having been selected by 1,100+ companies in 26+ countries in total, it works as cloud ERP both at your head office and overseas subsidiaries.