There are two applications: "Operation Monitoring" that monitors and analyzes the operational status of manufacturing equipment; and "Equipment Maintenance" which realizes preventive maintenance by digitizing maintenance work.

Operation Monitoring

  • Historical data of production performance and causes of short stops is centrally managed, which can be used for later analysis.
  • Evaluate overall performance using OEE*1 index based on equipment data as well as utilization data.
  • No cumbersome wiring needed - effectively collect data even from aged equipment.
  • Ready for phase-by-phase IoT implementation while confirming the effectiveness of the system.
 *1 Overall Equipment Effectiveness
■ Operation Monitoring
Andon screen lets you get the whole picture of operational status at a glance. Good for remote monitoring as well as use on the shop floor. Customizable Andon screen enables you to re-align Andons according to physical layout of equipment.
■ Operation Management
On this screen, you can manage daily, weekly and monthly operational data in detail and visually check operational status using bar chart, pie chart, timeline grid and static data.
■ Analyzing & Reporting
The Dashboard lets you drill down utilization data and OEE data up to 4 levels to make index-based comparison by plant or line. KPI details screen visually displays the index of OEE and stoppages by division and let you quickly output the result as a report. The Register Operational Status function*2 enables you to analyze causes of stoppages without time-consuming calculation, utilizing Pareto chart output from Excel.
 *2 Input screen designed for a smart device is available.   


WD series is a wireless data communication system made by PATLITE. It is a revolutionary system that can be used to transmit operational information wirelessly by simply placing it on top of PATLITE Signal Tower (*). This can reduce wiring, component installation and other related costs.
*Secure and reliable wireless communication, which uses international telecommunications standards, enables accurate data transmission even when multiple devices are in use at the same time. It is distributed as "AirGRID" in Japan and "WD series" at outside of Japan.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Maintenance Management features every control items needed to appropriately manage maintenance activities.
  • A smart device allows inspector to input accurate check result on the spot.
  • Consolidated inspection and repair data can be shared throughout your company.
  • Support for planning an optimal inspection schedule based on historical data of inspection and repair.
■ Inspection Management
The Inspection Calendar lets you manage scheduled inspections and their status by equipment and division. The calendar accommodates daily routine checks as well as annual regular inspections, also featuring convenient reminder function.

The inspection data entry screen designed to lessen inspector's work load. Handwritten characters, photos and video clips can be registered as inspection data. Also, you can easily revise inspection report format based on the past reports of troubles and inspection.
■ Repair Management
The Repair List displays repair requests and their status. You can search historic data of similar troubles and quickly find out countermeasures against the problem. Further, you can evaluate overall cost of maintenance activities by adding replacement parts cost and man-hour data to the past record.
■ Equipment Management List
Equipment Management List is the starting place to manage all maintenance-related information such as maintenance methods, locations, manufacturers, maintenance and asset data. Once inspection and repair history is associated with the Equipment Management List, all maintenance data can be readily shared throughout the company.
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