mcframe is a SCM package enhanced with Japanese manufacturing knowledge and experience. It is used globally with rich features and "Best of Breed" concept.

Follow the standard of "Made in Japan" manufacturing method

  • Improve manufacturing operations easily by using rich features enhanced with Japanese manufacturing knowledge.
  • Enable to use mcframe in the short term with sufficient features cover standard operations such as production, sales, and cost management.
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    Ready for supporting the use of mcframe globally

  • We have over 700 customers; besides, about 200 customers in about 20 countries, mainly in Asia.
  • Provide consistent support from implementation phase to maintenance phase with the cooperation of B-EN-G group and business partners.
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    "Best of Breed" concept makes it possible to build "Best of Everything" system

  • Optimize an enterprise system by combining mcframe with other specialized systems such as MES(Manufacturing Execution System), PLM(Product Lifecycle Management) and Accounting System.
  • Reduce running costs by supporting the past versions of mcframe continuously.(mcframe "Long Term Support" policy)
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