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Our products meet the various needs of the manufacturing industry

We use all the technology and expertise we've cultivated over the years to create package software.
mcframe, our production management-centric business package tailored specifically for Japanese manufacturers, is now being used by more than 360 of our customers. Our mcframe GA(A.S.I.A.) global accounting package, which supports multiple languages, currencies, and standard management structures, has been delivered to around 550 businesses to date and has 4,000 users in over 23 countries around the world.

mcframe mcframe Overview

MCFrame is a mission-critical package that merges extraordinary flexibility with basic functionality to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry.

mcframe GA (A.S.I.A) mcframe GA Overview

mcframe GA(A.S.I.A.) is a global ERP package designed to give Japanese companies strategic tools to expand their businesses globally.


R-PAD is a mobile solution for manufacturers to improve their business outcome.