mcframe R-PAD (RAKU-PAD)

mcframe R-PAD is more than just a data entry tool, It comes with software tools that enable you to record, analyze and utilize data. Conventionally, in most manufacturing scenes, all kinds of reports and reference information related to production works were handled in the form of paper documents. Instead, mcframe R-PAD employs a handy tablet that delivers superior mobility, operability and visibility. It offers a solution to help shop floor operators improve operational efficiency and quality, and make troubleshooting easier, leveraging database-driven analysis tools developed with our wealth of experience with manufacturers' workplaces. mcframe R-PAD realizes simple and quick data entry, easy and helpful analyses and readiness for data utilization.

In Brief

With mcframe R-PAD, you can record and manage production performance, check/trouble reports and inspection reports. Not only can you analyze data using control charts and other tools, but also share the valuable knowledge obtained through accumulating historical data in the form of drawings, photos and workflow charts relevant to each operation.


1. Improve Operational Efficiency and Work Quality

  • Increase efficiency of administrative tasks by using centrally managed records and a list of control items for search.
  • Fast search saves you time for scouting around needed documents.
  • Pinch-in and pinch-out zoom function let you view enlarged image of detailed drawing and schematic diagram.
  • Minimize work variation by operator by checking work and procedure by using videos and photos.

2. Share Shop Floor Status Information and Knowledge Obtained

  • With mcframe R-PAD, you can take photos of situation that is hard to explain literally and directly record photos then and there.
  • In case of trouble, mcframe R-PAD lets you share with other staff what happened and what was done.
  • Help operators enhance their skills by sharing knowledge acquired through historical data.

3. Support Quality Control and Kaizen Activities

  • Checking the status of process and machine operation with the charts displaying the current status helps you realize anything unusual at an earlier stage.
  • In addition to control charts frequently for QC, major analytical tools come as standard with mcframe R-PAD, like principal component analysis (PCA) and multidimensional analysis.
  • You can analyze accumulated data using various statistical tools.




*ConMas i-Reporter is a registered trademark of CIMTOPS Corporation.