Go paperless in factories, warehouses, and more! mcframe RAKU-PAD (R-PAD) utilizes the industry leading reporting software, Cimtops i-Reporter, to convert handwritten paper forms into tablet data entry forms based on their current excel files. RAKU-PAD's Analysis Dashboard provides easy visualization of real-time conditions to quickly identify critical operation trends.

*In the North America, mcframe RAKU-PAD is distributed as mcframe R-PAD.

Go Paperless

Eliminate handwritten reports by creating data entry forms on a tablet using current excel formats. No more transferring work from paper to PC!

Dynamic Input Methods

35 digital input methods allow for ease of input and accuracy, conforming to various types of data. Utilize camera, calendar, keyboard, multiple selection, handwriting, barcode, and more!

Analysis Dashboard

All data can be reviewed using the Analysis Dashboard, where data sets can be retrieved with simple search functions. Targeted data can be analyzed in real-time with useful graphs such as scatter charts, Pareto charts, control charts, etc. built as custom dashboards.

Access Support Documents

Refer to work support materials required for task completion directly on-site. View content directly on reporting device (tablet, smart phone, or PC) such as video tutorials, diagrams, operation manuals etc. in multiple file formats.

Additional Features



Individually authenticate iPads on the server to allow access. Set report viewing, editing, creation, and deletion authorizations by user or user group.

Data Linkage


Reports can be imported and exported as CSV data. View and analyze data gathered outside of R-PAD Recording with CSV import functions. Link to other systems with Web API function.



Complete reporting tasks offline where signals are weak or non-existent. Once within range of a signal, the completed form will automatically be transmitted and erased from the local iPad.



  • Goods Inspections
  • Delivery Inspection

  • Manufacturing

  • Production Results
  • Process Records

  • Work Reports

  • Working Reports
  • Daily Reports

  • Trouble Reports

  • Trouble Reports
  • Quality Reports

  • Maintenance

  • Opening Checking
  • Daily Checking

  • Other

  • Digitalizing Current Paperwork

  • *ConMas i-Reporter is a registered trademark of CIMTOPS Corporation.